In 2157 the first generation sub light colony ship departed the sol system. The brave colonists entering cryo status for their long journey to their new home. Over the next 500 years various nations, religions, companies, and organizations claimed their own worlds and flung themselves into the stars. Travel and communication was for the most part a one way trip and the fate of many worlds remains unknown.

The IO incident of 2674 kicked off a series of events which resulted in a system wide war. The war lasted for decades depleting the power and resources of the entire system. Much was lost and the cradle of man looked to be shattered.

All was not lost however. The unification wars as they were later called brought mankind together under the rule of the Finley Family.

The year is 2723, His Majesty Lord Charles Finley the 12th now sits in the Golden thrown on Earth ruling over the Kingdom of Terra. The Kingdom is secure and the time has come to look out and recontact its lost siblings. To this effect a Ship, the first of many, has been commissioned and build. The TKSS 001 an experimental warp capable scout ship is about to take the next great unifying step for mankind.