The Gravity Drive or GD for short is the key to faster then light travel.

The GD allows a ship to enter into a “Hyperspace” state where the distance between two points becomes smaller, then we can travel from point A to B in a conventional sub-lightspeed drive.

To bring two points closer together we emit massive amounts of gravity. To emit enough gravity we need an energy source which can provide a real enormous amount of energy. This energy is obtained through a contained and controlled Matter/antimatter reaction.

Hyperspace is divided into bands. The “higher” the band, the smaller the distance between points.

Band KM/HR xC
Standard Orbit 9600 0.000001
Full Impulse 270 million 0.25
Alpha Band 1 Billion 1
Beta Band 11 Billion 10
Gamma Band 42 Billion 39
Delta Band 109 Billion 102
Epsilon Band 229 Billion 214
Zeta Band 421 Billion 392
Eta Band 703 Billion 656
Theta Band 1.10 Trillion 1024
Iota Band 1.62 Trillion 1516
Kappa Band 1.77 Trillion 1649
Lambda Band 2.05 Trillion 1909
Mu Band 3.27 Trillion 3053
Nu Band 8.48 Trillion 7912
Xi Band 214 Trillion 199516

It is theorized that while there is no effective upper limit of Hyperspace bands, bands higher then the Xi band are beyond the parameters of our continuum.

The TKSS 001 is equipped with a Gravity Drive Engine theoretically capable of traveling up into the Delta band, or approximately 100x C (the speed of light).


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